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Black Sun & The Family



The Family sits at the top of the Black Sun crime syndicate. It's members are either direct blood relatives or achieve their status through bonds of intense loyalty to existing members. Black Sun officers and agents are considered as peripheral members of the Family and this status is reflected in the mandate that they cannot be killed without defensible cause and that they are bound by the punishment structures of the Family itself. Through a long process of proving themselves and aiding the Family's interests these officers and agents can slowly be promoted into inner circles of the Family and potentially even into the Family Council itself.


Although denied access to the elusive Necropolis onboard the Darkstar Battleship [BSS] Illgotten Gains, the Flagship of Black Sun, meetings with Council members aboard the Illgotten Gains are reasonably common occurrences within the organization and serve a variety of functions. Security is massively strict and all members who come armed or carrying stun cuffs can expect automatic execution aboard one of the intermediate ships which ferry them to the meeting point. Most often these meetings will be used to announce high-level promotions, conduct force tests and renew the member's oaths to each other en masse. A more sinister purpose also exists. The meetings are a convenient opportunity to liquidate those who are suspected of betraying the Sun.

Sanguine Crucible

For anyone to obtain the privilege of performing the Sanguine Crucible is a great honor, signifying that the Family Council has deemed an individual worthy enough of joining the esteemed ranks of the Family. Upon the promotion to O-1, an individual will be summoned by one of the many Vigos to the [BSS] Illgotten Gains where they will submit themselves to the Hall of Obedience. Once there, they will be asked to give a blood sacrifice to prove their unwavering loyalty to the Forgotten Prince and the ideals of Family, Honor, and Profit to the Black Sun. They also pledge to never betray the Family and accept punishment for any actions that violate the Family's code of justice. Once completed, the individual is made a full-fledged Family Member and given a unique Black Sun dagger to represent their status. They are also made an Officer in their respective field, and have the responsibility of commanding Enlisted members.

The Sanguine Crucible is then held again upon an individual being promoted to C-1, summoned to the [BSS] Illgotten Gains to once again re-affirm their unwavering loyalty and obedience to Black Sun and the Family. Rather than perform another blood sacrifice, those who have already swore a blood oath will instead prove themselves in other ways. They must recite an oath from within theirselves, proving why they are worthy of serving as a Command-level Family Member. Those who prove themselves receive a Ring of Grandeur, made from the finest metals and gems money can buy. Reaching the Command-level ranks gives Family Members more power, but also more responsibility. They have the responsibility of Commanding both Officer and Enlisted members, and also are given access to the Consiglio - a Council of all Command-ranked Family Members who guide the Family Council on matters of policy. Command-level ranks are also able to lead a Nationalized Corporation, such as Gesenix Mining or Shobquix Industries.

The Final trial is held on an individual's promotion to FC-1, Vigo. Final Promotion to Vigo is only achieved by the most committed and most capable of those under Black Sun's banner. When a new Vigo has been chosen, the Underlord personally summons the new Vigo to the [BSS] Illgotten Gains and they will be granted entry to the Necropolis of Golgotha - deep within the bowels of the Darkstar. There, before the Mausoleum of the Forgotten Prince, the Vigo must make a major sacrifice to be deemed worthy of their new position to the Underlord. Once the Underlord is satisfied, the new Vigo will speak their oath and be granted a keycard to Golgotha. They will then take their seat on one of the nine thrones which are handcrafted for each Vigo and travel with them where-ever they may be serving.

Family Justice

There are a number of ways that Family Members may prove their loyalty and dedication to the Family. The most important way is to always do their job to the best of their ability, follow the Family's strict Code of Justice, and follow the ideals of Family, Honor, Profit. As part of those ideals, Honor is about responsibility. Members who fail to uphold the Code of Justice or fail in their duties must face consequences.

    • Admittance of guilt, the member who failed must apologize to their CO or to a Council Member. For minor infractions, an apology is sometimes adequate so long as the member accepts responsibility for their actions and makes amends. It is within the rights of their CO or a Council Member to accept the apology. However, in more severe cases, the offender must face more severe punishments...


    • A penance of blood, the most trivial punishment is simply drawing blood in any way that will leave a scar as a reminder of the folly. This is not seen so much as a punishment but rather just punctuation for the apology. A member must perform the act in front of their superior or a Family Council member.


    • A gift of flesh, for serious offenses and blunders committed by those deemed valuable enough for the Family not to execute a gift of flesh may be required. Traditionally the trigger finger of the dominant hand is offered as tribute and traditional Black Sun blades are notched at the base to easily sever the finger. In ages past this handicap crippled the ability to use weapons as effectively and the individual's loss of combat effectiveness was seen as a means to reinforce their dependence on the Family. In modern times the finger can be easily replaced with a mechanical substitute. This substitute must not, however, bear an appearance similar to the victim's real digit rather the wound must be borne publicly as a sign. For more serious offenses a more generous gift is requested.


    • A time of self-reflection, various other means of mid-level punishments are known to have been imposed. Penal colonies on Kiffex and dungeon ships in deep space have become home to some of those who fail the Sun. For the fortunate ones a Vigo will smile on them and allow them to be released, after a time.


    • Ritual execution, with a Black Sun blade is the traditional means of punishing severe offenses. It should be noted that this is not considered a degrading punishment and death should be met with a steely gaze. The remains may well be buried with ceremony. As previously stated, those who have taken the oath cannot be killed without a reason that is defensible in front of the Family Council should the matter be questioned and those who have achieved Command-level status cannot be killed without Council approval. The offender is required in all cases to apologize in person for their crimes, however, in those severe cases which are punishable by death an apology and suicide is also considered honorable.


    • A dishonorable end, the final rank of punishment is at the discretion of the affronted party with highest Family status. This typically involves torture and mutilation before death or other pleasantries such as indefinite torture and/or imprisonment. It can take any form but is far messier than a clean execution and enforced for the most heinous of offenses as it is considered a humiliation and a denial of an honorable end.