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Blades of the Forgotten Prince



Those members who value discipline, lethal weaponry, and periods of intense violence are typically allotted to be Blades. The Blades are the military arm of Black Sun; they comprise the fighting force of Black Sun in general. Well equipped and highly trained, they enforce the Council's will upon those who will not accept more gentle means of persuasion. The Blades are organized into a number of battle groups and typically make use of an eclectic variety of technology, Their commanders propound a philosophy of strength in depth.

The Blades of the Forgotten Prince are broken into a number of divisions, with the two major divisions being the Fleet Operations Corps and the Infantry Operations Corps. Blades from both the Fleet Ops and Marine Ops comprise a single Battle Group, which is supported with members from the Blade Corps of Engineers (specializing in construction and maintenance), Blade Medical Corps (medical treatment), and Blade Quartermaster Corps (acquisitions and supply). In addition, the Blades Exploration Corps specialize in archaeology and deep space exploration. Blades from the Infantry Ops work with the Fleet/Marines Ops for transport and general organization.

Blades undergo a rigorous training course making them ruthless in the field of battle. Supported with technologies from both sides of the Galactic Civil War, as well as a host of neutral and Black Sun-specific tech, their combat options are limitless. Officers in the Blades are given command of their own ship, which Commanders in the Blades control entire Battle Groups. The entire organization of Blades is commanded by the Vigo of Defense. The Vigo of Defense is responsible for the military development of Black Sun. In effect, they are entrusted with the militaristic development of Black Sun, including all major defensive decisions. They are directly responsible for the Blades and other militaristic endeavors.


Notable Personnel

The Blades of the Forgotten Prince is led by the Vigo of Defense and supported by Blades Central Command.

Vigo of Defense

Vigo Christine Apotheosis

Head of Blades Central Command

CO, Blades Fleet Operations

Vitale Cipriani

Blades Central Command

   CO, Blades Infantry Operations   

Amelia Kolczynski

 Blades Central Command

CO, Blades Support Operations

Greg Yoff

 Blades Central Command