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A single banner under which the non-military divisions of Black Sun are gathered, Infrastructure organizes much of the cash flow that fuels the organization's muscle through legitimate and less legitimate projects. They also coordinate the administration of planets so infested with corruption as to declare open allegiance to the Family. While most of the work of this division is carried out within Black Sun, a small contingent of dedicated operatives work out of Gesenix Mining - a mining conglomerate led by the Vigo of Infrastructure and managed by the Chief Executive Officer. Gesenix Mining primarily serves the Infrastructure division as well as other branches, such as the Industry division, through the prospection, extraction, and processing of raw material ore. This ore is then distributed across Black Sun shipping lanes across the Outer Rim for producing new technologies, building metropolises, or occasionally for trading purposes.

The primary organization of the Infrastructure division of Black Sun is run by the Hightower Conglomerate, an all-encompassing inter-planetary trust which operates both Gesenix Mining and Durasteel Corporation. Organized by fomer Vigo Kyran Caelius, the Conglomerate works tirelessly - pouring over millions of units of data including mining surveys, tracking deposits, and crafting urban planning. The two organizations work in harmony together to plot the development of all Black Sun territories. Coincidentally, Hightower Conglomerate is one of the highest job-creating entities in the Outer Rim - employing thousands upon thousands of employees to work in the mining industry or construction industry. The newest addition to Infrastructure is the creation of Black Bank, managing the Family's wealth and investments. The Black Bank is one of the most secure financial institutions in the galaxy and makes good use of the natural skills of its Nimbanel bankers. Money deposited is secured behind layer-upon-layer of physical and technological defenses that ensure nothing leaves without the proper authorization. Ever.

Working primarily with heavy raw ore, the Infrastructure division uses a large number of Heavy Freighters - including a fleet of over a dozen Mammoth-class Heavy Haulers and hundreds of BFF-1 Bulk Freighters, with several hundred support ships of various sizes - to ferry around materials across Black Sun shipping lanes. The entire organization of Infrastructure is led by the Vigo of Infrastructure, currently Vigo Jad Hep Viridux. Vigo Viridux is responsible for the daily operations of Gesenix Mining and all engineering & infrastructural efforts. He is entrusted with all construction for Black Sun, and the raw materials necessary to support those endeavors. Vigo Viridux serves as the penultimate authority on how, when, and with which resources the construction efforts will be completed.

Notable Personnel

The Infrastructure Division is led by the Vigo of Infrastructure and supported by the Hightower Executive Committee.

Vigo of Infrastructure
CEO of Gesenix Mining
Jad Hep Viridux

Minister of Infrastructure
COO of Gesenix Mining
Astrid Sarka