• Black Watch Underground Complex (Lazaretto Northshore, Asation)

  • Blades Training Facility (The Boneyard, Iego)

  • Shipyard IV Ambria (Orbiting Malicar, Mieru'kar)

  • Gesenix Extraction Camp (Revyia III, Veragi)

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Black Sun

Born from a multi-billion credit trade organization, Black Sun is an autocratic unitary state ruled by Prince Jeor Knight. Founded several centuries ago, the group achieved prominence with the rise of Princess Gabriella Storm. Over the years, Black Sun has approached itself in varied ways, including: a legitimate trading corporation, an independent paramilitary force, intelligence brokers, and now a massive government authority. Historically, Black Sun has contended with the Galactic Empire, New Republic and other galactic powers as one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.

Operating as a monolithic government, Black Sun is supported by its nationalized company Merr-Sonn Technologies. These companies form The Collective, which represents Black Sun's industrial and infrastructural endeavors, including: material management, architectural development, and mechanized production. The Dark Prince is advised by a Family Council, consisting of up to nine Vigos (Old Tionese for "nephew"). Beneath the Family Council sits the Consiglio, a lesser council of Consigliere who hold various positions within Black Sun. Central to Black Sun's endeavors is a strict protocol of conduct and behavior which defines the relationships and actions of its citizens.