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Black Watch



The Black Watch serve as the eyes of Black Sun. Typically, these individuals are involved in espionage operations and are responsible for the collation of information on the Galaxy's most notable sentients and organizations. Black Watch makes other people's business their business, and therefore, individuals accepted to this division will generally be outgoing, knowledgeable about current Galactic events, and manipulative. Because operations can often extend over a long period, candidates should also show some measure of patience. 

Due to the sophistication required in some Black Watch work, the division is reluctant to accept inexperienced members. Exceptions are made, however, when a candidate shows great promise in the field of intelligence. Typically, new members to the division will be employed in a mixture of reconnaissance duties and general intelligence gathering in order to optimize their performance and training. More sophisticated tasks await those members proceeding to senior ranks, once their loyalty to Black Sun has been proven and they have gained more experience in the field.


Vigo of Shadows
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