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Family Council

Dark Prince
Jeor Knight


Vigo of Defense
Vitale Cipriani


Vigo of Industry
Alexi Genesys


Vigo of Infrastructure
Jad Hep Viridux


Vigo of Interior
Kira Morbus


Vigo of Máurari
Corvis Orion


Vigo of Shadows

Banquo Knox


Advisory Vigo
Ahsas Rotciv Maharg


Advisory Vigo
Thrall Lothbrok




The Family Council is headed by the Dark Prince, and otherwise composed of Dark Prince chosen Family who are appointed to the rank of Vigo. Of the nine Vigo seats, three are reserved for Shadow Vigos and primarily advisory Vigos, while six Vigo seats operate as the heads of Black Sun departments. In its entirety, the Family Council operates as an extension of the Dark Prince's authority. Therefore, they have absolute authority within the Black Sun syndicate, advise the Dark Prince in all syndicate affairs, and assist him in the implementation of his duties. The departments are as follows; if you seek the attention of Black Sun, please ensure you contact the correct Vigo.

Vigo of Defense, Vitale Cipriani

In charge of Black Sun's military and defensive efforts
Vigo Cipriani is responsible for the military development of Black Sun. He is entrusted with all major offensive and defensive military decisions, and regulating and coordinating the Black Sun armed forces, the "Blades of the Prince". The Vigo Cipriani is directly responsible for their actions and other militaristic endeavors.

Vigos of Industry, Alexi Genesys and Thrall Lothbrok

In charge of all Black Sun production

Vigo Genesys and Lothbrok are entrusted with the management of the production aspects of the Collective & Family. Vigos Genesys and Lothbrok are the penultimate authority on production decisions. Production staff are expected to discuss their ideas, questions, and concerns with them. Datacard deals, timelines, and any further productions decisions relevant to the syndicate are beneath their watchful eye.

Vigo of Infrastructure, Jad Hep Viridux

In charge of Black Sun's material acquisition & construction

Vigo Viridux is responsible for all engineering & infrastructural efforts. He is entrusted with all construction for Black Sun, and the raw materials necessary to support those endeavors. Vigo Viridux serves as the penultimate authority on how, when, and with which resources our construction efforts will be completed.

Vigo of Interior, Kira Morbus

In charge of all Black Sun foreign and governmental affairs

Vigo Morbus is responsible for many of the internal and external affairs of Black Sun. She is charged with the task of recruiting new hopefuls into Black Sun's ranks, promoting strong diplomatic ties with the Imperial Union and beyond, as well as managing the Continuing Committee and its many responsibilities governing most aspects of Black Sun's cultural and historical heritage.

Vigo of Máurari, Corvis Orion

In charge of Black Sun's Force sect, the Maurari Blackguard

Vigo Orion is responsible for the development of the Force within Black Sun. He is entrusted with all major Force decisions and actions made by the syndicate. He is further responsible for organizing and developing the Force within Black Sun, in the advancement of the Máurari Blackguard identity.

Vigo of Shadows, Banquo Knox

In charge of Black Sun's intelligence and covert operations

Vigo Knox is responsible for the intelligence gathering and covert operations of the Black Sun Collective. He is the eyes and ears of Black Sun across the galaxy, garnering knowledge and secrets wherever he goes. Vigo Knox is directly responsible for Black Watch and its various activities across the Outer Rim and beyond.

Advisory Vigo Ahsas Rotciv Maharg

In charge of all encompassing general advisory

The non-departmental Vigo is responsible for unbounded policy input within all aspects of Black Sun. While other Vigos have specific roles in executing departments of Black Sun, the generalized Vigo are known for their overarching knowledge in any section of Black Sun. His contributions are far and wide.