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Life in Black Sun



Black Sun culture is ultra-hedonistic, with firmly held zealotry towards the Family Council. Most within Black Sun domains share a belief system centred around the attainment of pleasure, both physical and mental. Cultural philosophy holds that gratification is momentary and thus the universal aim for all sentients is the consistent realization of satisfaction. To this end, all forms of behavioural deviance are socially accepted. Sentients are free to do as they wish, so long as their actions do not impinge upon others or violate rules set by the Family Council. Any luxury, drug, or vice is available for a price in Black Sun territory.

Economic inequality is a present in many Black Sun planets. While poverty if significant in some areas, soaring pleasure palaces dominate the skylines elsewhere. Black Sun does little to actively alleviate this issue, however, anyone wishing to escape poverty is granted an opportunity to work in one of the Collective operations or by serving in the Blades, where they are paid one of the best entrance salaries in the galaxy. However, Black Sun expects excellence from its employees and failure to perform or abide by rules and regulations will result in immediate termination of employment at best.

Given the lenient laws in Black Sun space, it has become a burgeoning tourist destination and tax haven for the rich and wealthy of galaxy. With their money, Black Sun provides the utmost in privacy and secrecy should visitors wish to keep their reputations clean when they return to more puritan systems.

Many businesses have moved their operations to Black Sun territory to escape crippling corporate taxes and endless bureaucracy. Corporate espionage is rife, and Black Sun only intervenes to ensure no outright property damage or loss of life occurs. This intense competition has spawned a strong market for security, which Black Sun is happy to help fill.

Competitive sports and card games are exceptionally popular within the incorporated sectors. Though gambling is legal, all betting is patrolled in order to ensure obeisance to Black Sun values. Syndicate territories are also renowned for their lively and multi-species nightlife. Cities within Black Sun territories have varying sizes of amenities, some encompassing entire massive buildings while others are small and secret. Likewise, the offerings range from the luxurious and expensive to options which cater to the average sentient. The world districts dedicated to legalized harlotry are often galactic attractions for those governed by less indulgent sovereigns.


The foundation for Black Sun economy is the profit section of the expanded nationalized motto, "Profit Motivates Us." Specifically, the focus on business has lead to a capitalist market which governs the incorporated systems. The exception to privately owned means of production is Shobquix Industries, the single state owned manufacturing entity, which supplies Black Sun directly and is overseen by the Vigo of Industry. The industries within sectors under Black Sun control, are otherwise closely held by citizens for the purpose of profit. All syndicate worlds boast competitive markets where supply and demand are internally affected by sentient exchanges. However, despite the liberal economies, land based property rights are non-existent; all land is government controlled.

As allies of the Galactic Empire, Black Sun has adopted the Galactic Credit as their currency. It is the only accepted tender within Collective territories. This acceptance of what has become the standardized medium of exchange has allowed Black Sun to maintain a strong presence in the galactic market. Though bartering for services is allowed, credits continue to be the sole means of payment to nationalized employees. Some smaller territories have frequent usage of indentured servitude, though voluntary serfdom is rare due to the high governmental minimum wage of 4 million galactic credits per 30 days Combine Galactic Time.

Legal System

The Code of Conduct for nationalized employees is classified. Though the central motto is known as an explicit ethical guideline for the Family, it is further believed that those expectations extend to all members of the Collective, the degree to which is undisclosed. Rumors have circled that breaking the Code of Conduct can lead to execution, though they've generally been dismissed as conspiracy. Systems which are managed by Black Sun operate under a relatively liberal rule of law, with the exception of absolute obedience to the Dark Prince and Vigos.


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