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Black Sun is a vast industrial syndicate, its influence felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Existing for hundreds of years, it has embedded itself in the very fiber of the galaxy. The resources at its disposal are near-limitless, its armies uncounted, and the shadow of its fleets bring a second night to any planet unfortunate enough to draw Black Sun's ire. Even those ignorant of politics recognize its pervasive influence. Once a shadowy criminal network, it has formalized its power and become a government in its own right, holding vast swaths of territory under a black sun. The Black Sun never sets.


Family. Honour. Profit.

The Black Sun Collective is currently seeking new associates to serve the Family. Individuals must be willing to work hard, serve with honour, and follow the code of conduct which guides all Black Sun endeavors. Enlisted will work to increase the Family's influence, and with time, they too may earn their place.

Blades of the Prince

Those members who value discipline, lethal weaponry, and periods of intense violence are typically allotted to be Blades. The Blades are the military arm of Black Sun: they comprise the personal fleets of wealthy, paranoid Vigos and the fighting force of Black Sun in general. Well equipped and highly trained, they enforce the Family Council's will upon those who will not accept more gentle means of persuasion. The Blades are organized into a number of battle groups and typically make use of a variety of technology from both sides of the Galactic Civil War. Their commanders propound a philosophy of strength in depth.

Enlisted associates who choose to follow the path of a Blade choose to specialize in a variety of commands: Logistics Branch, Engineering Branch, Navy, and Marines.

Recommended Skills:
Dexterity, Projectile Weapons, Non-Projectile Weapons; and/or
Fighter/Freighter Piloting and Combat, Capital Ship Piloting and Combat

Collective Infrastructure

Infrastructure organizes much of the cash flow that fuels the organization's muscle. A colossal display of planetary expansion and material extraction, commanded by the Vigo of Infrastructure and operated by dedicated Family members. Infrastructure coordinates the administration of the many planets loyal to the Family.

Enlisted associates who choose to follow the path of Infrastructure choose to work extracting raw ore and using those materials to build great metropolises which generate new profits and prosperity across Black Sun's territory.

Recommended Skills: Fighter/Freighter Piloting, Computer Operations, Management

Collective Industry

Merr-Sonn Technologies is an industrial behemoth, providing billions of credits worth of quality products to the galactic marketplace at a fair price. Merr-Sonn Technologies produces the wide array of vehicles and ships used by Black Sun. Their clients are numerous, and the amount of credits their business pull in for the Family makes this a critical part of the Black Sun Collective.

Enlisted associates who choose to follow the path of Industry choose to work exclusively for Merr-Sonn Technologies, the manufacturing front of Black Sun, producing the warships, tanks, weapons, and gear necessary to keep Black Sun a powerful force in the Outer Rim.

Recommended Skills: Fighter/Freighter Piloting, Management, Repair

Working as an Enlisted for Black Sun or any of its Collective enterprises provides various benefits, all aimed at enriching an employee's standing in the galaxy.

- Salaries & Bonuses: Black Sun salaries begin at 10,000,000cr for an E-0 with the opportunity for a more than 100% increase due to bonuses. This means an active worker can earn 20,000,000cr or more in one of their first paychecks.

- Upward Mobility: Hard work and dedication to the Collective is awarded with sincere potential for upward mobility, and for those extraordinary associates, the ability to join the Officer ranks of the Black Sun Family.

- VIP Status: Personnel are offered deep discounts with all Black Sun companies. Additionally, RP events offer opportunities for grand prizes and rewards. We also offer force testing!

- Learning Environment: Personnel are taught through a variety of means, including access to the Black Sun Academy, in-depth tutorials, and on the job teaching.

- Supportive Family: Shaping a schedule which is beneficial to both its workers and the Collective, all work is assigned based on personnel skill sets, and leaders stand ready to assist with all questions and concerns.

- A Sense of Community: Lively discussions, Black Scenarios which challenge your RP skills, and frequent parties & games name just a few of the exciting events you can participate in!

Those who seek a future in Black Sun must prove themselves. As strong as Black Sun is, we are always on the lookout for talent: both new and veteran. If you are looking for a job with the best benefits in the galaxy, a community that cares for its own, and the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the galaxy, please follow the directions below:

(1) Click Join Black Sun.
(2) Include a short description, including which division interests you, with your request.
(3) Click OK and await a response to your request.

Should you apply, or have questions/inquiries about the process, please contact Minister Kira Morbus with your information.