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In order for Black Sun to drive the amount of profits necessary to sustain the Family, they realized an expansion into a more legitimate market was necessary. An industrial behemoth is overseen by the Vigo of Industry under the umbrella corporation of Shobquix Industries, which provides billions of credits worth of quality products to the galactic marketplace at a fair price. Their clients have been numerous, and the amount of credits their business pulled in for the Family has made the Industry Division one of the largest in the Black Sun Collective. In late Year 16, Shobquix Yards took advantage of certain technological advances to gain access to publicly traded datacards beyond that of ships, but also vehicles, weapons, droids, and items. The decision was made to merge DroMor Motors and Shobquix Yards under a single corporation, Shobquix Industries.

Managed by the Vigo of Industry, Shobquix Industries runs its operations from primary bases in the Malicar System, Ibanjji System, and Jentares System of the Mieru'kar Sector. Rather than divide its members on operational means, members share operational capacity depending on their base of operations. Dedicated personnel in each system are directed by the Vigo of Industry to perform various tasks based on Production and R&D needs. To assist the Vigo, the CEO of Shobquix Industries and the COO of Shobquix Industries manage the day-to-day tasks of Shobquix Industries and the entire Industry Division.

With many shipyards and hundreds of factories across Mieru'kar and the Outer Rim, Shobquix Industries dominates the Outer Rim in producing the highest-quality tech for the Black Sun Collective. With access to technological innovations from both sides of the Galactic Civil War alongside tech from independent groups and the Black Sun's own technological assets, Shobquix Industries has limitless capabilities for Production and R&D. The entire Industry division is led by the Overseer of Industry, currently Pimashi Andek. Overseer Andek is entrusted with the management of the production aspects of the Collective & Family. She is to be the penultimate authority on production decisions. Production staff will be expected to discuss their ideas, questions, and concerns with him. Datacard deals, timelines, and any further productions decisions relevant to the syndicate will be beneath her watchful eye.

Notable Personnel

The Industry Division is led by the Overseer of Industry.

Overseer of Industry

Overseer Pimashi Andek

CEO of Shobquix Industries

Pimashi Andek

CEO of Merr-Sonn Technologies

Banquo Knox