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Dark Prince

The Leader of Black Sun, currently known as the Dark Prince, is the penultimate authority within the Black Sun Industrial Syndicate. Historically, this position has also been known as Underlord, Lord Marshal, and Empress. Briefly, the position was known as Chief Executive Officer while it was held within the New Republic. The leader of Black Sun operates as the primary decision maker within the Black Sun Industrial Syndicate, and serves as head of the Black Sun Family. This position holds absolute control over its subordinates, and is greatly respected by its subordinates for the implied willingness to use all means necessary in order to exert Black Sun influence. Overseeing all operations within Black Sun territories, the leader of Black Sun is an autocratic and unrestricted Imperator.



Dark Prince
Jeor Knight
(Y17 D97 - Present)

Jeor Knight was born without much fanfare in the city Saigetopia on Corellia. His Parents, Flirry and Ixa Knight, were owners of a large group of farms in the Corellian countryside and made a very good living. He grew up working on his family farm, largely removed from the local politics of the Corellian Capital. When Jeor was 12 years old, Corellia was hit with a major economic downturn brought on by a severe drought on the northern continent and his family lost their farms. Flirry joined up with a group of farmers who worked a large plot of land in the south while Jeor and his mother remained back home and living off of the small and infrequent payments sent to them from down south. Jeor and Ixa lived in a small one bedroom apartment in center city Saigetopia and suffered the pangs of hunger and stress along with his mother. At the age of 14, Jeor started running around with a crowd of local kids who sold whatever they could get their hands on. Jeor distinguished himself as a leader of this gang of teenagers, masterminding their schemes, deals, and machinations. They slowly gained a reputation as a smooth talking group of young entrepreneurs who purchased the apartment building their families lived in without paying a single credit of their own money.

Jeor excelled when he began his career with the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. An industrial mastermind, he built up Shobquix Yards from a company out of obscurity into one of the leading producers of fine starships, cornering the market in luxurious spacecraft and weapons-ladened warships. Proving his relentlessness and ability to get things done was instrumental in Underlord Alexander von Ismay's decision to elevate Jeor to the Family Council as Vigo of Defense, in charge of the Blades of the Forgotten Prince. He spent most of his time continuing to bolster the combined defense forces of the Black Sun Collective. Underlord Ismay would go on to later name Jeor as his Regent, empowering him to make decisions from the Throne in his absence. When Underlord Alexander von Ismay announced his retirement in early Year 17, his Regent would step into his new role as Dark Prince.

It was on Year 17 Day 97 that Jeor Knight succeeded Alexander von Ismay as the 21st Leader of Black Sun.


Previous Leaders of Black Sun

  • Princess Gabriella Storm (Founder)
  • Prince Keevan Colton (Year 1)
  • Prince Qel Dar (Year 2)
  • Prince Plojo Rosom (Year 4)
  • Princess Xya Howie (Year 5)
  • Prince Joseph Roscha(Year 6)
  • Princess Xya Howie (Year 6)
  • Princess Tara Tylger (Year 6)
  • Prince Camaris sa Vinitta (Year 6)
  • Princess Daa`iata Tnaysc (Year 6)
  • Prince Adam A Flynn (Year 7)
  • CEO Jake Azzameen (Year 8) (Republic Trading)
  • Prince Adam A Flynn (Year 9)
  • Prince Ingo R. Vailis (Year 9)
  • Prince Corvis Orion (Year 10)
  • Lord Marshal Tar Alaks (Year 12)
  • Prince Banquo Knox (Year 12)
  • Princess Cait Catra (Year 14)
  • Empress of Vice Niobe Asha (Year 14)
  • Underlord Alexander von Ismay (Y14D350-Y17D97)