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Black Sun Ministries

There are six main ministries within the Black Sun government.

The Blades of the Prince

Those members who value discipline, lethal weaponry, and periods of intense violence are typically allotted to be Blades. The Blades are the military arm of Black Sun, they comprise the personal fleets of wealthy, Vigos and the fighting force of Black Sun in general. Well equipped and highly trained, they enforce the Family Council's will upon those who will not accept more gentle means of persuasion. The Blades are organized into a number of fleet defense forces and typically make use of an eclectic variety of technology, Their commanders propound a philosophy of strength in depth.


In order for Black Sun to drive the amount of profits necessary to sustain the Family, they realized an expansion into the production market was necessary. An industrial behemoth is overseen by the Vigo of Industry and consists of the corporation of Merr-Sonn Technologies, which provides billions of credits worth of quality products to the galactic marketplace at a fair price. Their clients are numerous, and the amount of credits their business pull in for the Family makes this a critical part of the Black Sun Collective.


The ministry of Infrastructure is the primary Black Sun sect responsible for government infrastructure, primarily as it relates to transport, energy, architecture, and development. Infrastructure organizes much of the cash flow that fuels the organization's muscle through legitimate infrastructural projects. Almost none of the work of this division is carried out within the Black Sun but is, instead, focused in Gesenix Mining - a mining conglomerate led by the Vigo of Infrastructure and operated by dedicated family members.


Interior is the ministry of Black Sun responsible for matters relating to diplomacy, foreign affairs, communities, culture, sports, and local governance. It is, in effect, the hub of public administration within Black Sun, ensuring that the 'government' aspects of Black Sun run like a well-oiled machine. Additionally, the Interior ministry is charged with administering and coordinating the education of Collective members and their indoctrination into Black Sun. Historically, training was developed, academies were built, and lessons were written which allowed any Black Sun agent to travel to a far, distant world and turn local populaces against their governments, bringing new wealth and territory into the Black Sun Collective. Today, Black Sun has reduced this division to a mere handful of associates under the Minister of Indoctrination, but it is still a very important part of the Collective.

Black Watch

The Black Watch serve as the eyes of Black Sun. Typically, these individuals are involved in espionage operations and are responsible for the collation of information on the Galaxy's most notable sentients and organizations. Black Watch makes other people's business their business, and therefore, individuals accepted to this division will generally be outgoing, knowledgeable about current Galactic events, and be manipulative. Because operations can often extend over a long period, candidates should also show some measure of patience.

Máurari Blackguard

Since the rise of Prince Flynn there have been many in Black Sun who were strong in the force. The foremost masters in the Family gather to them acolytes from the galaxy and train those under the Sun who are found to have potential. These elites transcend the limitations of the mundane, physical universe and lend their powers to all aspects of Black Sun's operations. With telepathic talents the minds of prisoners can be broken and enemy guards forced to stand aside. With less subtle skills those who oppose the Family can be ripped, crushed, pummeled, burned and bled until they no longer represent a threat. The force is a powerful ally to Black Sun agents.

Nationalized Corporations