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Interior is a bit of an all-encompassing division governing much of Black Sun's support structures involving diplomacy, recruitment, culture, and legal responsibilities. Many resources of this division focus on Indoctrination - the process of training new hopefuls to join the Black Sun Collective and work for the Family. Historically, in order to support the expansion of Black Sun's influence around the galaxy, indoctrinating new associates into the Family became a full-time job and it was determined that it would need a dedicated support staff. Training was developed, academies were built, and lessons were written which - in the past - allowed any Black Sun agent to travel to a far, distant world and turn local populaces against their governments, bringing new wealth and territory into the Black Sun Collective. Today, Black Sun has reduced this division to a mere handful of associates under the Minister of Indoctrination, but it is still a very important part of the Collective.

Other parts of the Interior division include a full and dedicated diplomatic staff through the Diplomatic Corps. Embassies have been opened for a number of IU-aligned and neutral powers across the galaxy. Interior also employs a dedicated news staff which report to the Galactic News Service, Outer Rim News, and several other major outlets. The division's Entertainment and Gaming Office supports a number of public events including sports, media, arts, and entertainment purposes across the Outer Rim. And a small band of dedicated bureaucrats represent the Black Sun and its Family in legal matters across the galaxy. These matters are all represented on the Black Sun Continuing Committee - which ensures the history and culture of Black Sun is protected by its citizens and leaders.

The Interior division is equipped with a number of support vessels - many of them luxury liners and diplomatic shuttles - but they also manage hundreds of embassies, suites, and palaces across the Outer Rim for visiting dignitaries and their staff. Interior also manages a number of academies, schools, and universities across the Outer Rim which teach local populaces valuable skills and trades. The Interior division is led by the Vigo of Interior, currently Vigo Kira Morbus. Vigo Morbus is responsible for the development of Black Sun's legitimate diplomatic agreements and relationships, in addition to the public administration of the government via matters relating to communities, culture, sports, and local governance. She is entrusted with the legitimization of Black Sun as an Imperial Union behemoth.

Notable Personnel

The Interior Division is led by the Vigo of Interior and supported by the Black Sun Continuing Committee.

Vigo of Interior

Vigo Kira Morbus

Minister of Culture
To Be Appointed

Minister of Indoctrination

Astrid Sarka

Minister of Entertainment & Gaming
To Be Appointed

Minister of Design
To Be Appointed

Minister of News & Publications
Momo Rime

Minister of Technology
Rayus Kestyn